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Equipment, machines and accessories

You need a strapping tool or a machine to apply straps. Below you can read what different types are available.

In addition to equipment, machines and consumables, we also have a number of tools available to make the strapping process easier, such as strap reels that make it easy to unwind straps.

Are you looking for tailored advice or do you want more information? From the simplest hand equipment to large project systems, our experts are ready to provide you with good advice.

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Strapping tools

When this equipment is used, you will need muscle power for tensioning. A seal or buckle is used for closing the strap.

On first sight, this method of strapping seems simple, but it is usually relatively strenuous and requires a lot of experience to be able to do it well. Also, due to the many actions that the operator has to perform, it may take up to 3 minutes before the strap is properly applied. Often multiple tools are necessary for creating tension and cutting the strap.

Click here for more information about manual strapping tools.

Battery driven strapping tools

This equipment combines all necessary actions – tensioning, closing and cutting – in one device. They are light-weight and because it is easy to work with them, an operator can make a strap up to six times faster in comparison to hand equipment without a battery. With battery driven hand equipment, it is also possible to build up a higher tension, up to no less than 4,500 N. Also ideal for strapping large packages or for strapping on various locations.

Other advantages are: mobile, no seals required, required tension can be adjusted, ease of use, horizontal AND vertical strapping. The biggest disadvantages is that it is more expensive to than a manual strapping tool.

Click here for more information about battery driven hand strapping equipment

Pneumatic strapping tools

Similar to battery driven equipment, these tools combine all actions in one device. However, they use compressed air as a source of energy, instead of electricity.

Advantages are that the tensioning, closing and cutting in combined in one device, it works efficiently, can work with great tension, no seals required, the required tension can be set and the

Click here for more information about pneumatic hand strapping equipment.

Strapping machines

Cyklop offers a wide range of strapping machines. Specially designed for a low volume, including semi-automatic arch and table machines. For high volumes, there are (fully) automatic machines and systems that can be custom-designed for any unique application.

Advantages of working with a machine are: it is fast, efficient, automatic or semi-automatic, no seals required, can be integrated with an assembly line or transport system, required voltage can be set. Disadvantages are that it requires a large (er) investment, sometimes less mobile, sometimes limited in size / weight of the product that they can handle.

Click here for more information about strapping machines.

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